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The definitive system that guarantees the optimal conservation of all the organoleptic qualities of food and the quality of the service to the consumer. A revolutionary change in the concept of distribution of meals in the establishments, that allows, by its flexibility, a perfect implementation based on the specific needs of each of our clients.
This food has the following characteristics:

  • It is a homemade menu.

  • Easy to use; you heat it up and it is ready to eat.

  • It is preserved at + 4º C.

  • Long shelf life.

  • Grupo Alcesa
  • Grupo Alcesa



Interactive, experience-based, communicative, creative, recreational.

Training plan:
  • Course for dining room caretaker and school supervisor.
  • Course for personnel in charge of food manipulation.
  • Course for introduction to leisure and free time.
  • Training and development of the service meetings.
  • Official degree of Entertainment Personnel for leisure and free time.


  • Participation in the decoration of the dining room, recipes, ideas for accomplishment of events.
  • Gathering of their ideas to help us improve.
  • They will participate, feeling that what they have created is something of their own; we will make them feel important.
  • It is a specialized service of entertainers, caretakers and supervisors of free time.
  • The caretakers of our company work to integrate, along with the family and the school, a good level of action with both a sanitary and an educative approach.
  • Our specialists, in coordination with the educators, send out identical attitude and values as the ones of the centre.
  • In conclusion, they are an extension of the daily education of the students.
  • Grupo Alcesa profesora en pasillo
  • Grupo Alcesa logo Educal
  • Grupo Alcesa niños en salón

Our brand for the accomplishment of the service of caretaker personnel for dining rooms, monitors and entertainment personnel.

In Health, co-existence, leisure.

Bouquet Catering

Traditional and present cuisine is mixed creating unique, different and original flavours and aromas.
Bouquet Catering can supply the necessary infrastructure: households, sets of dishes, cutlery, tents, illumination, sound. In conclusion, everything the client needs so that his guests enjoy an unforgettable evening.

For any type of event or celebration, Bouquet Catering offers the perfect solution for each occasion. From coffee breaks, communions and weddings, to congresses, cocktails, company meals.

The best raw materials, the good work of chefs with recognized experience and professional prestige, and the care of each detail, makes the chosen menu a guaranteed success.

  • Grupo Alcesa comida con vegetales
  • Grupo Alcesa Bouquet Catering
  • Grupo Alcesa logo Bouquet Catering
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