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In May of 1983 Alcesa is constituted. MM. Concepcionistas was the first client who granted his confidence to us. That was the moment when the professional profile of the Company and its specialization in the school environment was defined.

Today Alcesa, is one of the leaders in the world of education. The company collaborates and is present in all the specialized and representing forums of the sector.

Companies, hospitals, residences, lodging houses, etc., have made the company grow and at the moment it is one of the main national operators.

The world of the event and the celebrations carried out with originality, customized solutions and the best creative and traditional cuisine; consolidate us with the distinctive sign of quality at your service.

  • Grupo Alcesa
  • Grupo Alcesa


  • Lealtad: With our Workers.
    With our Clients.
  • Confidence: Our success is to achieve a team with the people who form Alcesa, clients and suppliers.
  • Professionalism: Only the best professionals achieve the best results.
  • We have the best professional through continuous training

Our mission:

To form a solid Group, based in Loyalty, confidence and professionalism guaranteeing an excellent service.


Registered in the Mercantile Register of Madrid-II, volume 7, general 6, 3rd section, sheet 27, page n.° 60452-II. Constituted in 1983.

Fiscal authentication code: A-28836401, Social Security Number of employer's Association: 28/334826/59, Industry Register number: 28/91240, Sanitary Register number: 26.02504 M
Accredited experience, being one of the main national operators.

Technical and economic solvency, as accredited by the classification of the company, according to the Ministry of Economy and Treasury for the hiring with Public Organisms:
Group M, Sub-group 06, Category D.

Certification ISO 9001:2000, both for the services in catering from our central kitchens, as well as for the kitchen services in the client.

Environmental certification ISO 14001:2004.

Implantation in every client -centre of a system of automatic control, based on the APPCC (Analysis of Dangers and Critical Control Points).

Permanent quality audit through an external laboratory accredited by ENAC.

Implantation of the Equality Plan 2009-2010.

Equality plan 2009-2010

The Equality Committee of along with the Representation of the workers has designed the Equality Plan 2009-2010 that will prevail from now on in the Company and which will affect all the workers.

The objective of the Plan consists of promoting the defence and guarantee of the equality principles between men and women in all the activities, as well as the close cooperation between all the agents implied in defending and guaranteeing this equality of opportunities. This will be carried out so that the right of equality of treatment and opportunities between women and men, in particular by means of the elimination of the discrimination of the woman, is finally a fact, according to the objectives of Organic Law 3/2007 of the 22nd of March, for the effective equality of women and men, and of articles 9.2 and 14 of the Spanish Constitution.

With the purpose of achieving this high-priority objective for the Company, all the necessary efforts will be made to anticipate and to avoid all the direct and indirect obstacles that could prevent the access to the employment, information, formation, security, health, payment and promotion in conditions of equality and to facilitate measures that help to conciliate family and professional life.

Also, by means of this plan, the Company and the Trade Unions show their common preoccupation and their commitment to avoid any type of discrimination in the Group and reject thus any behaviour or action that constitutes a sexual or moral harassment, and are committed to prevent, to detect, to correct and to sanction any of these reprehensible conducts.

General data

  • Number of clients: 250.
  • Diary menus: 47.000.
  • Transported diary menus: 8.000.
  • Sales volume: 40 millions €.
  • Number of collaborators: 1.640







 • Primary School Centers.

 Private and public schools.

 University Schools.

 Business Schools.




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