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Alcesa Group welcomes you.

In 1983 we initiated an enterprise project dedicated to catering. We owe the orientation towards multiservice to every one of you, our clients.
The creation of new companies, with professional people in each of the areas, has been our objective and is the reality that today we present to you.
Monitors for dining rooms.

  • Cleaners.

  • Gardeners.

  • Caretakers.

  • Security guards.

  • Maintenances.

  • kitchen projects.

  • camps, etc.

  • Are part of our services.

  • We are leaders in commitment.

Canteens in Educational Centers

Company Canteens

Healthcare Hospitals, health centres

Dining Room instructors
Caregivers for dining rooms


Instructors, activities, meals...

Cleaning services

Buildings, Communities, ...

MultiServicesTechnical projects, gardening, surveillance, ...


Special events

Weddings, celebrations

Take-out menus


Our offer

We offer food services for school dining rooms, business centres, food services for companies and events, health centres, hospitals and retirement homes and also other complementary services:
Dining room instructors, cleaning, gardening, caretakers, surveillance, maintenance, kitchen projects, camps, ...

With confidence


Grupo Alcesa


Food services for Educational Centres

Grupo Alcesa


Company Canteens

Grupo Alcesa


Catering for health centres

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